New Jersey - Grade 3
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Grade 3 (Math - Worksheet)
Addition more(10)
Add & Sub more(10)
Division more(10)
Multiplication more(10)
subtraction more(10)

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State Standards - Grade 3

Create your own tests to target essential mathematics, reading, and language skills Also included is advice to help you instruct your children, such as the Do's and Don'ts of test taking Includes test taking tips, and an explanation of the No Child Left Behind act and how it has influenced testing and state standards Includes correlated state standardized tests for all 50 states
$ 29.99 
Barron's New Jersey ASK3 Math Test (Paperback)

Fully aligned with Core Curriculum Content Standards of the NJ State Board of Education-Drills help students think through and calculate the problems-Lessons enhance analytical and logic skills-Two full-length practice tests measure student progress-Color icons highlight key concepts, questions, tasks and more-Confidence-building tips to reduce test anxiety and boost test-day readiness
$ 15.95 
NJ ASK Language Arts Literacy Grade 3 (REA) - Ready, Set, Go! New Jersey ASK, Grade 3, English Lan (Test Preps)

Fully aligned with the Core Curriculum Content Standards * Create the closest experience to test day with 2 full-length practice tests * Chart performance with detailed explanations of answers * Help reduce test-day jitters with our tried-and-true tips of the N.J. State Board of Education
$ 15.95 
NJ ASK Mathematics Grade 3 Math (REA) - Ready, Set, Go! New Jersey ASK, Grade 3 Mathematics (Test Preps)

An explanation and overview of the test Two full-length practice tests with answers explained Review of math test topics Practice and review questions in both multiple-choice and open-ended formats
$ 11.99 
Getting Ready for the NJ ASK: New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge, Grade 3 (Paperback)

Publisher: Harcourt School Publishers (June 2007)
NJ ASK Practice Tests and Online Workbooks - Language Arts Literacy Grade 3: Developed by Expert New Jersey Teachers

Lumos NJ ASK Study Program is designed to promote student success in the New Jersey ASK test. This book includes - 6 NJ ASK Practice tests similar to the actual test - Detailed answer explanations for every question - In-depth coverage of multiple-choice and open-ended questions - Strategies for building speed and accuracy PLUS One Year access to Online Workbooks. - The Online Workbooks provide - Hundreds of practice questions - Individualized score reports - Instant feedback after completion of the workbook - Students can complete the Online Workbooks at their own pace We have designed the Lumos NJ ASK Study Program to help students get plenty of realistic practice before the test and to promote yearlong collaborative learning.
Scholastic Success with Tests: Reading Workbook Grade 3

Raise Test Scores! Be sure kids test their best on standardized tests in reading by familiarizing them with the skills, formats, and language they need to succeed. These practice tests, collected from the reading skills practice tests offered three times a year to Scholastic News Edition 3 subscribers, are designed to look and feel like state and national tests including the Terra Nova, ITBS, CTBS, and MAT. The 15 ready -to-take practice tests are a great way to boost confidence‹and make test prep easy for you. Also includes bubble-style answer sheets and tips for administering the tests and a chart outlining specific skills tested.
Spectrum Math, Grade 3

Math skills include: •Multiplication and division •Solving problems •Fractions, decimals, and percents •Adding and subtracting to 4-digit numbers •Metric and customary measurements •Graphs and probability
Spectrum Writing, Grade 3

Product Description Our proven Spectrum Writing grade 3 workbook features 136 pages of writing fundamentals. Recently updated to current national standards, including revised sequencing for smooth transition between skills, along with new nonfiction activities. This workbook for children ages 8 to 9 includes activities that reinforce topics to ensure writing proficiency. Writing skills include: •Staying on topic •Organizing ideas •Audience •Writing process •Writing stories
Brain Quest: Grades 3 & 4

Over 6,000 unique questions Brain Mode allows kids to jump right in, immersing themselves in fast-paced quiz games, as they answer questions on their favorite subjects - English, history, math, science, and geography Quest Mode takes kids through a light, fun story world where they will play quiz games to solve problems Kids of all ages can get in on the action and enjoy the brain-twisting fun with Hot Swap Multiplayer quiz games featuring both versus and cooperative games The game also features Sudoku specially tailored to kids of all ages, with 4x4, 6x6 and 9x9 puzzles
3rd Grade Writing Practice (Practice (Scholastic)) (Paperback)

Give students the skill-building practice they need in reading, writing, math, and more with these engaging , full-color workbooks. Easy-to-follow directions and fun exercises motivate students to work on their own.
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